Sunday, 7 April 2019

CyberSafe Alert 2019 Edition 3

Is It Safe To Hit Send Now?

Welcome to the third CyberSafe alert edition of 2019.  Today’s alert focuses on the perennial business (and sometimes personal) problem of how to send large files securely, especially when your email allowance is too small to allow it.

In the CyberSafe book we mention some specific secure tools as well as techniques for safely transmitting and receiving confidential data to keep it safe from cyber-crooks.  For this alert we’re going to talk about a tool that isn’t mentioned in the book, but is also effective at keeping your sent files safe. That tool is Firefox Send.

Firefox send is a simple add-on to the Firefox browser that allows you to send files of up to 2.5Gb in size securely if you are logged in with a Firefox account, and 1Gb otherwise.  The great thing about Send (besides the obvious security features) is its simplicity. To send your files, all you have to do is drag and drop your files into the Send page, or select the file from your computer.  Once you done that, give it a secure password (take a look at Cybersafe Alert edition 2 on the unhackable password), and then hit send - simples.

You may be thinking, why do I need to use this service when I’ve already got alternatives like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc.? Well as explained in the Cybersafe book in more detail that we can go into in this newsletter, those services are only secure up to a point, so it depends on how secure you need your documents to be, and how much you value your privacy.

Not everyone out there is out to get hold of your private business documents or engage in industrial espionage, but it’s nice to know that if needed, there are simple ways to protect your privacy.

Following the advice in CyberSafe should go a long way to keeping you safe online.  As we like to say at the CyberSafe alert - Don’t Be Scared; Be Prepared

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