Thursday, 6 June 2019

CyberSafe Alert 2019 Edition 5

Is the new “Sign in with Apple” button a game changer?


Hello again, it’s time for the fifth CyberSafe alert edition of 2019. I’m sure you haven’t failed to notice that these days when you sign up or sign into most apps or websites you will have encountered the timesaving social login feature. These time-savers allow you to register for websites and apps using your already existing profiles on social media behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by simply clicking on a button, instead of typing in your details all over again.

Great idea right. Well yes if all that matters to you is saving half a minute logging into the site or app. Not such a great idea if you value your data privacy. I have to say, I personally don’t use social logins, and If you’ve read the CyberSafe book

you’ll know that we don’t recommend you do so either. The reason? Although social login provides extra convenience, the cost of that convenience is giving away some of your personal data. Not worried about giving away your email address or username? Well, these social login buttons usually also send additional data like gender, age, relationship status, etc to the sites and apps you register with or log in to.

If you’re a Cybersafe reader, you’re pretty careful about your cyber security, so that’s why Apple’s recent announcement of “Sign-in with Apple” could be a potential game-changer for those that value both convenience AND privacy.

So how is it going to work? “Sign in with Apple” will be in the form of a button similar to the other social login buttons. The difference is, it won’t transmit your personal information. Instead of sending your email address, it will generate a random email address linked to your real address.

So do you need to do anything to get this going? Well no actually. The great thing about this for users (Apple users actually, sorry Android users - at least for now) is that Apple will require apps that include social sign-in buttons to include the new sign in with Apple one as well.

For Android users, although the sign in with Apple button isn’t available, alternative methods of registering with or signing into an app or website other than social logins usually are. If you’re concerned about your privacy, I would recommend setting up a profile manually. It can usually be done relatively quickly, and you can decide what information gets transmitted.

Following the advice in CyberSafe should go a long way to keeping you safe online. As we like to say at the CyberSafe alert - Don’t Be Scared; Be Prepared

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